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Gold Medal – Sommelier Wine Awards 2019, Master Award; The Spirits Business

Tasting Notes

Albourne Estate 40 Vermouth is a first from West Sussex – a golden, semi-dry Vermouth – 40 refers to the number of botanical in this stunning fortified wine. It’s versatile! See our suggestions below.

The recipe of the botanicals is a secret but it includes rosemary, thyme, rose petals and chamomile alongside citrus peel, saffron, cardamom and coffee beans, together with the essential ingredient in all Vermouth which is wormwood.

The vibrant aromas leap out of the glass of Albourne Estate 40 Vermouth. There is a bright, bold hint of orange peel upfront and gentle blossom characters which are reminiscent of an English meadow in late summer. These aromas are followed by succulent, juicy grape flavours which combine with the botanicals to provide an outstanding, limited-production Vermouth (the first batch is just over 2000 bottles). It is rich with excellent structure and a round mouth feel, and has a perfectly balanced touch of sweetness without being cloying. A tiny hint of oak supports this Vermouth of great complexity and depth.

How to serve 40 Vermouth

We think it is delicious on its own over ice, or with a dash of soda or tonic. However, each bottle comes complete with a Neck Tag with several cocktail suggestions, some of which are listed below in Serving Suggestions.  As it is semi-dry, it can also be used in place of a sweet wine with pastry based dishes, strong cheeses and nuts. Why not experiment?!  This Vermouth is really popular; once tried people come back for more!

How is Vermouth made?

The base is a blend of sparkling wine bases, which forms 75%, consisting of a high percentage of Chardonnay as this is the dominant sparkling variety grown at Albourne Estate. Some of the base wines have spent a few months in oak which contributes added complexity. Albourne Estate 40 Vermouth has received several awards including a Gold Medal at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2019.

Alison Nightingale (owner and winemaker at Albourne Estate) has produced a delicious Vermouth which is distinctive in its appearance and the resulting wine is the outcome of extensive development with input from Italian wine consultant Salvatore Leone; they spent hours blind tasting the vermouth using different botanicals before finalising the blend. Alison decided to produce this Vermouth at 18% abv which means that once opened, it will keep in the Fridge for 6 + weeks.

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“An utterly delicious, delicate and fragrant semi-sweet white vermouth….This vermouth has a delicate floral scent that sings of summer and as the name suggests, it’s made using 40 botanicals including English countryside classics such as rose petals thyme and camomile as well as saffron, cardamom and tea. Good enough to drink on its own on the rocks or try it with a delicate tonic such as Fever-Tree Light. It’s also delicious…made into a spritz using English sparkling wine or mixed with elderflower presse, gin and bitters.”  Victoria Moore : The Daily Telegraph 23 Feb 2019

“Deliciously herby, nutty vermouth. It could be used for a rather delicious negroni, but it’s cracking on its own, too.” Fiona Beckett; Feast Magazine, Guardian August 2018

“This aperitif could soon knock gin off its perch….boutique Sussex winery uses 40 botanicals in its award-winning vermouth. Cardamon and saffron notes shine through along with a very pleasing herbaceous astringency. Enjoy it on its own!”  Olive Magazine, August 2018

“This vermouth tastes as amazing as Albourne’s wines do and you can genuinely appreciate the character coming from their own grapes. Rich with fantastic structure and a round mouthfeel. Perfectly balanced sweetness”.  Cherry Constable; The Drinks Writer

“40 Vermouth is an outstanding product, both in flavour and appearance. It is fantastic to see Albourne Estate utilising their base wines in this way and creating a vermouth which reflects their distinctive, amazing style. Whilst the botanicals hold centre stage, the characters obtained from the base wines shine through and make this a cohesive addition to their portfolio.”  Cherry Constable: The Drinks Writer

40 Vermouth also picked up a Master Award at The Spirits Business Competition: The Panel described it as having flavours of “fresh grape and herbal muskiness”, the expression was also praised for its “baked nectarine” nose.

At Sommelier Wine Awards 2019 40 Vermouth was awarded a GOLD Medal. “complex notes of pineapple, lychee…well balanced… incredibly complex and interesting; amazing over ice”

Serving Suggestions:

  • Elegant Dry Negroni – 50ml of 40, 25ml of a good quality gin and 25ml Campari.
  • English Spritz – one part 40, three parts sparkling English wine, such as the Albourne Estate Multi Vintage Brut.
  • English Rose – Albourne Estate’s own cocktail recipe – 50ml of 40, 25ml of a good quality gin, 150ml quality tonic water, a splash of rose water, optional sugar syrup to taste and a sprinkling of dried rose petals.
  • The Elderflower – 75ml of 40, 75ml elderflower presse, 25ml gin and a dash of Angostura Bitter served over ice and with a slice of apple.
  • Americano – 50ml of 40, 25ml Campari, topped with 50ml of good quality Tonic water.
  • Pure 40 – on its own over ice!

In stock

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