A Celebration of English Wine – Book by Liz Sagues


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A Celebration of English Wine by local Chichester author and wine critic, Liz Sagues is a beautifully presented book which provides an insight into what lies behind the continuing success story of English Wine. In his foreward, Oz Clarke, the well-known TV wine presenter, describes the book as “a memorable run of virtual visits to the vineyards.”

English wine has greatly changed in recent years. It is recognised as world-class, with many wines winning International awards and is served at Royal and Government events. It is sold to some thirty wine-drinking nations and even beats champagne in blind tasting challenges. Its main grape varieties are major international names and its makers are skilled professionals. It has become an increasingly serious, quality-led commercial proposition – one that regularly makes news, at home and abroad.

This book explains why and how that has come about, telling the story of winemaking in England from the Romans to the present day. Most of all, it celebrates the wine itself and people who make it. With stunning photography, Its pages takes readers on a tour of many of the UK’s most significant vineyards, both long established and relatively new.

Liz’s easy style engages the reader immediately, and you feel you have met the men and women whose expertise, character and belief have created wines of quality in our marginal climate. It covers the effect of global warming, the right choice of vineyards sites; the favoured grape varieties and how sparkling wine has become so important and the quality of still wines has increased significantly. It also takes a look at how English wine is marked now and how that will change in the future (the 2020 export target is 2.5 million bottles a year).

Liz Sagues reflections about writing this book:

“many hundreds of miles on, a rainbow of colours and consistencies of mud cleaned off my boots, and a multitude of committed, skilled and highly individual wine people interviewed, there was a result: 70,000 words on 176 glossy pages brightened by a similar number of colour photographs”


“again and again the story comes back to people: from the 15th century Italian professor who advocated mixing powdered deer horn and juniper roots into wine to the modern organic growers; from the 18th century aristocratic creator of ‘champaign’ to the American couple who first brought UK sparkling wine to world notice; from the ex-financier who has invested £10 million-plus because his eye happened to light on ‘viticulture’ in a list of university courses to the French flying winemaker with unfettered enthusiasm for English chalk”.

This is a book for the consumer and will be of great interest to all wine lovers as an inspirational guide. Why not pop it into your next purchase of English wines! Signed copies available; RRP £16.99

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