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“Ravishing Rosés” Case Offer


Tasting Notes

Discover ravishing Rosés from Spain, England, Italy & South Africa

“Ravishing Rosés” Case Offer case is just bursting with Summer flavours, but these distinctive, blush coloured, dry Rosés can be drunk all the year round. Think of them more like versatile light red wines. Four different styles, some are organic and biodynamic, but what they all have in common are excellent flavours that come from small family producers who take great care of their vineyards and the sustainable production of their wines. Discover variety and value in this Ravishing Rosés Case Offer – this case comes complete with Tasting Notes.

Dominio de Punctum Rosado 2021 (Organic & Biodynamic) [2 bottles] VdlT Castilla, Spain

Attractive, dry, refined blush rosado. Strawberry and raspberry aromas lead you into strawberry fruit with raspberries and blueberries in the background. This is a fresh, smooth and elegant wine with excellent balance. Although very pale in colour it has terrific, ripe, full flavours and overall lightness of touch.

Made from Garnacha and Bobal grapes; it knocks the socks off (more expensive) Provence rosés It is simply delicious. You could drink this on its own, but it will partner a wide range of foods from fish, chicken to spicy dishes and salads and, of course, Barbecues.

From the Fernandez family organic Estate in central Spain. They do not use any synthetic pesticides, herbicides on the soil, or chemicals in the winery. Biodynamic is a step beyond organic; they gained this added status in 2011. If you want to find out more about the difference between organic and biodynamic, please read our short blog post. They harvest the grapes at night and their work in the vineyards coupled with careful winemaking produces some brilliant quality, brilliant value wines.

Casa Defra Pinot Grigio Rosé 2021 [2 bottles] IGT Delle Venezie, Italy

A delightful blush wine which is perfect for the summer. Delicate yet lively aromas of fresh raspberries and wild strawberry follow through to the flavours. A crisp, light rosé with a nice ripe, dry (but not bone dry) finish. Casa Defra (the house of brothers) was founded in 1908; they celebrate 4 generations of experience of the two families involved in the production of this wine. Cielo and Terra is a partnership of two families, Cielo what have been making wine for over a century and the Berici family who have excellent vineyards and growers. The result is a consistent, quality/value Rosé.

Barton Estate Pinot Noir Rosé 2020  [1 bottle]  Walker Bay, South Africa

With strawberry and light cherry aromas, this dry (but not bone dry) has fresh, light strawberries and cream flavours with a hint of cherry fruit, which is so typical of refined Pinot Noir Rosés. This is a must-try, smooth and elegant Rosé which will make a delightful aperitif and will be a good partner for fish, shellfish and vegetarian dishes. Pinot Noir is not the easiest grape to grow, but Barton Estate have achieved success with this wine. The grapes were hand-picked in the cool of the early morning at optimum ripeness, selected, crushed, de-stalked and left on the skins for 6 hours. From family-run vineyards and winery in the Botriver area (of Walker Bay) about an hour East of Cape Town.

a’Becketts Rams Cliff Rosé 2018  [1 bottle]  Wiltshire, England

Pinot Noir leads the blend in this delicate, dry and fruity English Rosé. Red fruit aromas and followed by fresh, wild strawberry and raspberry flavours. It has excellent balance, freshness and good length. From the warm 2018 vintage, this English rosé is testament to how cool climate wines continue to develop and improve in bottle. At 11% abv this is the perfect aperitif or lunchtime Rosé. Paul and Lynn Langham were amongst the early group of English vine growers, and proudly proclaim themselves as Wiltshire’s largest vineyard. At 4 hectares. this is tiny even by English standards! The vineyard is in Littleton Panell, just North of Salisbury Plain. The village is overlooked by the Rams Cliff escarpment and they have named this classic English Rosé after this local feature. English wines age very gracefully, this Rosé will be drinking well throughout 2022.