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Pazo de Mariñan 2017


  • Country: Spain
  • Region: DO Monterrei
  • Grape: 70% Godello; 20% Treixadura; 10% Albariño
  • ABV: 13.0%
  • Awards/Accolades: 2012 vintage: Decanter Silver 2013

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Tasting Notes

Pazo de Mariñan is a terrific blend of the classic grapes of Galicia, led by Godello (a grape that needs discovering!) with Treixadura and Albariño adding extra dimensions. One of our most popular wines with aromas of apricots and greengages and a fresh, soft and peachy palate, it is smooth, complex long and very appealing. It has a touch of glyceric character which combines with its refreshing citrus notes to provide a fresh and full-flavoured, dry white wine.

The Blanco Nuñez brothers’ who come from a wine making background in Barcelona area, purchased the mature 35 hectares of vineyards and the Bodega which is located in Pazos, near Verin in NW Spain, close to the Portuguese border. This is inland Galicia where the summer temperature is regularly at 30C+ and the Godello grapes thrive in this warmer temperature. If you have never tried Godello, this delicious blend at a terrific price is worth trying. One of our most popular wines and a delicious find from this off-the-beaten-track DO Monterrei.

Food match: A delicious aperitif; it is brilliant with fish and especially shellfish. It is also a great match with vegetarian dishes.