Mil Historias Bobal 2017 (organic) is a terrific find from small producer Bodegas Altolandon in DO Manchuela. A full-bodied, rich red with complex layers of black fruit, cherries with pepper and liquorice hints. A juicy and fresh Bobal of great quality and superb length. Very popular at our recent Tasting. Drink with Roast Beef or Lamb.
Mil Historias Bobal 2019 (Organic)

Mil Historias Bobal has a lightness and vibrancy about it, although full of flavours. It arrests the senses with intense aromas of cherry and plum fruit with citrus hints and a touch of black pepper. The flavours are equally intense; there is cherry and plum fruit together with peppery and liquorice hints. This medium-bodied red has a full, savoury and  a long complex finish. Wines made from this widely planted grape, the Bobal, mainly … Read More

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Mil Historias Garnacha is a brilliant example of the stunning wines this grape can produce. Fresh, smooth, complex. Elegant with a medley of strawberry, black cherry, plums and blackcurrant fruit with mineral undertones. Certified organic, with biodynamic practices. Good value from Bush Vines
Mil Historias Garnacha 2019 (Organic)

Mil Historias Garnacha is our third wine from this terrific Bodega in off-the-beaten-track Manchuela, in Spain. It has intense aromas of fresh strawberries, with herbs and slight candied fruit hints. The flavours are equally intense, there is a medley of strawberry, plum, black cherry and blackcurrant fruit with touches of pepper and a savoury balsamic finish. This medium-bodied red is elegant with mineral undertones and notes of rosemary and cedar that emerge as the … Read More

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