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We are keen to bring wines from smaller producers to a wider audience and so here is where we’ll share news of our discoveries, let you know about our Tastings and other Events and give you information which will help you get even more pleasure from wine.

Cork Or Screwtop?

How to keep a wine at its best. Is the re-assuring “pwop” of the cork coming out of a bottle an essential part of your wine-drinking pleasure, or do you prefer the ease and simplicity of just twisting the screwtop? In fact, ease of opening the bottle is the least important role of the seal, which is there purely to keep air – more specifically oxygen – out of the wine and there is … Read More

Now Is The Time To Drink Rosé

Rosé is perfect for summer… Al fresco eating is one of the many delights of summer, and be it a BBQ, picnic or just lunch outside on the patio, the perfect drink for the occasion is a cold glass of pink wine. This might surprise those of you who were introduced to wine drinking via a glass of sweet, slightly fizzy Mateus Rosé from Portugal or the eponymous and dull “Rosé d’Anjou” from France. … Read More

“Contains Sulphites”…And A Good Thing, Too!

The most frequent question I’m asked about a wine nowadays is “does it contain sulphites?” and my answer is always “yes, virtually every wine contains sulphites, but only a tiny amount”. Sulphites (or sulfites in the USA) is the everyday term for the gas Sulphur Dioxide (SO2). It is added to wine during the bottling process because it is a non-toxic germicide and anti-oxidant, in other words it kills bacteria and prevents any oxygen … Read More

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