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We are keen to bring wines from smaller producers to a wider audience and so here is where we’ll share news of our discoveries, let you know about our Tastings and other Events and give you information which will help you get even more pleasure from wine.

Sussex Sparkling Wine hits the spot

Ridgeview Bloomsbury 2010 Asked to choose the ultimate English sparkling wine to match a perfect English summer day, David Williams (wine writer for The Sunday Observer) selected Ridgeview Bloomsbury 2010. “made in the same way and from the same grape varieties as champagne, and sharing some of the classic patisserie-shop aromas, but with a distinctive, almost piercing brightness that is utterly refreshing…the ever-excellent Ridgeview’s house blend” (Observer 4 Aug 2013). Interestingly, he quotes that it is … Read More

Tapas and Wines

…. at The Old Greenhouse, near Chichester A midsummer evening at Nik Westacott’s small dining room was a perfect place to sample some interesting Tapas with Bush Vines wines to match! After a glass of Topacia Brut Cava accompanying almonds and crispy fried broad beans (habas fritas – now available in UK supermarkets), we enjoyed four more courses (each with 3 Tapas), cheese and pudding! First up was delicious local asparagus, grilled courgettes in … Read More

Cork Or Screwtop?

How to keep a wine at its best. Is the re-assuring “pwop” of the cork coming out of a bottle an essential part of your wine-drinking pleasure, or do you prefer the ease and simplicity of just twisting the screwtop? In fact, ease of opening the bottle is the least important role of the seal, which is there purely to keep air – more specifically oxygen – out of the wine and there is … Read More

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